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New grower New Member (seeds question)

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Posted by: @yoshi

t's the genetics I was really wanting to try (crazy chem cross) but I think im running before I can walk getting in to re-vegging etc. Maybe it would be best to get some feminized seeds and and possibly just two regulars to see how it goes and worst case I loose two plants to being males. 

Maybe I can try to clone the regulars after they show sex and then i will have some plants already in veg after my first harvest?

Yes yes and yes and yes !

this is a superb plan in my opinion 

best of both worlds!

female crop guaranteed plus you get a shot at your chosen mixed seeds

and at worst you’ll lose 2 plants if both male

Have a look at my post for sexing seeds if you can find it.. I’m not saying it works but you’ve nothing to lose

my first seedling (of 3) that I am currently attempting to ‘pre-determine’ sex from seed showed her first pistels last night !

i’ll add to my previous post so you might see

End of tangent !

good luck and plenty of help and support available if you need it @percys 👍

Time to pop some more beans 😗

Posted : February 25, 2021 9:40 am
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Thanks for all the replies

Its definitely less of a worry now if I use 5 gal pots. Before I was thinking I could barely fit 6 (15-20 gal) pots in the tent. 

Topic starter Posted : February 25, 2021 10:36 pm
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@chillbert Yeah it seems like a plan. That's a cool project, would the re-vegging do anything odd to the plants growth, or risk a hermie? 

Topic starter Posted : February 25, 2021 10:48 pm
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