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New Growers Windowsill experiment

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Morning all, 

This year I done an experiment with growing a plant on my window sill in the south east of England. Let me just say it was an experiment! Growing on a windowsill is a very dodgy game I managed to get away with it due to my location of property and being quite high up out of view from the public. The outcome of the plant was expected as not a great yield but I spend nothing on the grow as I used what I had available. The only cost was the seed. The soil was very poor quality and free, no nutes used and for water i used rain water. So the outcome for the yield was just over an 8th lol but like I said it was an experiment I didn't expect to get anything. All I done was water and although the yield was extremely low it still paid for itself. My point is with abit of tweaking I believe you can get a better yield than I did. But saying that my next grow is going to be in a tent lol. Don't let people tell you can't do something and just believe they are right experiment for yourselves! Break the rules! Find out what can and can't be done yourself. 

Peace out



Posted : September 3, 2022 9:57 am
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Posted by: @oldy420

Don't let people tell you can't do something and just believe they are right experiment for yourselves! Break the rules! Find out what can and can't be done yourself. 

Well said man, if you want to grow, just do it and use whatever you have got. You will get something out of it Smile well done on the grow and welcome to Percys 

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Posted : September 3, 2022 10:02 am
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@oldy420 welcome to Percy’s. I’m a rule stretcher as well. The random extra corner spaces of my tent get plants in micro half liter containers or less. It’s fun and gives us a little extra herb. If you don’t test the boundaries occasionally you never reach your full potential.

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Posted : September 3, 2022 2:25 pm
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