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Hey guys think i have a little problem, first time so need advice please

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 I hope I've put this in the right place lol

Reading up I'm thinking that something isn't correct with these any Advice would be great will feed again tonight so if need to take any more pics so you can see any better please just let me know . thanks guys

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Ok, it looks like you're letting the coco dry out, which is causing an EC spike. When the water is drank by the plant, or evaporated, salts ( the plant food A & B ) will be left behind. This increases the EC in the remaining water which the plants will use, and it can cause problems. 

This is why coco should be kept damp, it keeps the medium at a level EC and pH. You should water them daily, at least every other day, but the pot should not dry out Smile

Try that and see how they look in a few days, they might need a bit more nitrogen, but that could be down to the drying of the coco. So once that is sorted, we can see if there are any more issues that need looking at Smile

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@macky yeah I'm Agreeing with that they did end up a little dry but now I'm on top of it with finding out all i can in quick time Smile   I mentioned something yesterday in chat about a pop bottle he had clear liquid in he was adding that when he was making up the feed himself but now I'm only Adding the A+B

So should anything else be getting added I wouldn't want them failing for something I'm not doing correct. just received my pH pen so at least now i can keep an eye on this now Thumbs Up  


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