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Feeding water
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Feeding water  

Fu manchu
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I'm wondering how long people make their feed up before giving it to the plant? 

Some say hours, some make it then feed straight away.....what is the general opinion here? How long do you let it sit? Or don't you? 

All opinions welcome ?


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Depends on the food. Salt based, you can go straight after mixing the feed. Its best to let it sit for at least 15 mins though, just so you can get an accurate PH and EC reading. 

If organic, 24 hours with an airstone in the water. This will help the microbes grow nicely before feeding. 

If you're using water from the tap, let it sit for 24 hours before using it to let it "Degas" ( let the chlorine evaporate). This will help the microbes in the medium, as they will be killed by the chlorine, and bacteria is important, especially when growing organics. 

You should use an airstone if you're letting water sit, to keep a good oxygen ration in it. Again, oxygen makes the bacteria happy, if there is no air getting to the water, you can breed bad bacteria. 

Letting the mix sit for a while will also bring the water to a good temperature, you want it around 18c, too cold right from the tap will shock the roots, to warm and it will encourage algae and bad bacteria to grow too. 



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February 22, 2020