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My plant is at week of flowering phase). 

I have Biobizz grow, Biobizz bloom, Biobizz top max, Biobiz alg a mic, Biobizz fish mix, Guanokalong bat powder and Biocanna bio boost.
According to Biobizz Nutritient Schedule, they claim that continue to give nitrogen(fish mix or grow)in the flowering phase, In this case, some growers say reduce nitrogen, some say the plant needs nitrogen. During the veg phase, I used fish mix(faster soluble nitrogen). In the flowerıng phase, I start Biobizz grow 2 ml per liter because it derived from molasses. According to the resources of Biobizz; If you want to trigger flowering, use Biobizzz grow in the flowering in terms of sugar.

My feeding chart is like that;
2 ML grow
2 ML alg a mic
0.5 ML fish mix
0.5 ML bloom 
0.5 ML Top max
0.5 ML Biocanna boost

How can ı optimize of feeding chart with this nutritients?
How can I dissolve the Guanokalong bat in the water? How much should I apply for 1 liter?
Could you help me with this situation?



Posted : June 2, 2020 3:26 am
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Accordingly with that BioBizz Nutrient Schedule, Alg a Mic is just needed to Hydro systems. I use as well Biobizz nuts in a Hydro system (DWC) but just use Grow, Bloom and TopMax. Probably you can put less BioGrow. Try to use half of what they say. I learned that here in the forum. Sometimes the Feed Schedule from the brands are too high. Do you already have flowers formed? Canna BioBoost normally you just start when flowers are formed. 

If you do, do it well.

Posted : June 2, 2020 9:58 am
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