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[Sticky] Phosphorus

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For a Cannabis plant to grow to its full potential, there is a number of different elements it must consume during its life cycle. Phosphorus, is used throughout a cannabis plants life cycle, but more is needed during the flowering period.

Finding the right balance, of what to feed a cannabis plant and when, can be a difficult task. This guide will help you keep things balanced, and also fix any problems that may arise.

How a Cannabis Plant Uses Phosphorus

Phosphorus is the "P" in N/P/K Ratio. Like Nitrogen and Potassium, it is a "Macro nutrient". In other words, it is one of the three main elements needed in plant growth.

"P" is like a power line, and it connects all of your plants cells together. The energy created by photosynthesis, is then transported around the plant using phosphorus.

Flowers are also built out of Phosphorus, which is why you will find bloom nutrients, and P/K boosters will be high in phosphorus.

Phosphates can be difficult for a plant to break down and consume. But, the root tips will form a symbiotic relationship with the bacteria and fungi in your medium. The plant will give them sugar, and in turn, they will break down the big phosphates, so it is more accessible to the plant.

Phosphorus Deficiency

If a plant is lacking in "P" it will display certain symptoms.

A brief Description of Symptoms of Phosphorus Deficiency in a Cannabis Plant. Percys Grow And a Cannabis plant drawing with dark green leaves How to grow legal cannabis, a step by step guide to growing weed, cannabis growing guide, tips for marijuana growers, growing cannabis plants for the first time, marijuana growers forum, marijuana growing tips, cannabis plant problems, cannabis plant help, marijuana growing expert advice.
Phosphorus Deficiency

In order to grow happily, and heathliy, a cannabis plant will need a large amount of phosphorus, especially during the flowering period. Without the correct level, your plant will suffer symptoms such as, small leaves, or they may also have a blue-green colour.

If you have purple stems and branches on a weed plant, it is probably suffering with a phosphorus deficiency.

The deciency will start to show, firstly, in the lower leaves of the plant, and then make its way up the plant. In extreme cases, your leaves will either develop purple or black blotches, and fall off.

A cannabis plant, uses phosphorus to build buds, and also to keep the plant well energised. A deficiency will reduce the rate of bud growth, and will cause you to lose out on final yield. Make sure you get the best harvest possible, keep your levels in check.

Phosphorus Excess

If your plant has eaten too much P, it will display the symptoms:

A phosphorus deficiency in a cannabis plant. A Percys Grow Room guide to phosphorus Excess How to grow legal cannabis, a step by step guide to growing weed, cannabis growing guide, tips for marijuana growers, growing cannabis plants for the first time, marijuana growers forum, marijuana growing tips, cannabis plant problems, cannabis plant help, marijuana growing expert advice. Cannabis growers forum & community, How to grow cannabis, how to grow weed, a step by step guide to growing weed, cannabis growers forum, need help with sick plant, what's wrong with my cannabis plant, percys Grow Room, the Grow Room, percys Grow Guides, we'd growing forum, weed growers community, how to grow weed in coco, when is my cannabis plant ready for harvest, how to feed my cannabis plant, beginners guide to growing weed, how to grow weed for personal use, cannabis plant deficiency, how to germinate cannabis seeds, where to buy cannabis seeds, best weed growers website

If you think your plant has a phosphorus excess or toxicity, then ask for help in our cannabis plant infirmary. We have experienced growers who can help you not only fix your plant, but get back on track to a quality harvest.

"P" excess will display itself in many ways. The excess will show itself as Iron, Zinc, or even a cal/mag deficiency. This is because too much phosphorus will damage the tips of your roots, and your plant will not be able to eat properly.

Also, if you burn these tips, your plant will not be able to work in conjunction with the microbes. This will effect your plants intake of nutrients, which will cause it to suffer with many problems.

If issues arise, it will depend on the medium and what foods the plants are eating. But these problems are easily fixable. Just remember, when feeding your plant:  It is easier to fix an under fed plant, than it is to fix an overfed plant.

Thanks for reading! You can find more information on anything related to growing in our how to grow weed guides. All of our guides are written by experienced growers, and members of our cannabis growers forum. If you have any questions, sign up. It is free, and we are always happy to help!

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Posted : January 8, 2019 12:24 pm
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