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Competitions [Closed] Plant of the Month, March 2021

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Welcome to the March 2021 Plant of the Month Competition everyone! We have done comps like this before, but there will be some changes from now on to make the comp better! 

First off, the entries to the Plant of the Month comp will be anonymous. This thread will be locked when it is published, and to enter, you need to send your picture to me, rather than entering it into the thread. You can contact me here: Message Monkeydo

We feel as if it would make the comp more interesting if we did this.

Entry will close at midnight, on the last day of the month. The next months comp will begin on the first of every month. All times are represented in BST (GMT).

When entry closes, a poll will be added to this thread, with each entry, A, B, C and so on. Voting will be open for 14 days. The entry with the highest number of votes wins! 

It doesn't have to be a monster plant, or something too colourful! We encourage everyone to enter, even just for fun!

If we get more than 5 entries, there will be some beans on offer! So lets break this down! 

How to Enter POTM

First of, you need to take good picture of your plant, whilst it is still alive and un harvested. Picture quality matters! Try and add a back ground and some extra lighting! Before you snap that pic, take a good look at your background. The difference between a good picture and a great picture is in the details.

With the picture of your plant, send the following information:

The Strain

The breeder

How old the plant is from seed (approximately is fine) 

Please remember your sign in the photo! We are starting to see too many entries without any signage whatsoever

Its best if you can include a sign, either hand written or printed, with this information in the picture but we don’t want any other identifying information please. 
If the plant has had an active diary or frequent pictures posted during its grow at Percy’s, admin may make an exception for a missing sign.

We also need to see the whole plant, sitting in its pot in the picture. If this is too difficult, you can enter your best cola into Bud of the Month instead. After you have a good picture of your plant, simply send it to me ( monkeydo), Via forum PM. I will message you back to confirm entry. Only one entry per person per month please.

New this month, you may also submit one sentence with 12 words or less telling us something about your plant/grow. I will post your sentence with the pic for voting. This is OPTIONAL of course and the sentence must maintain your anonymity.

Prizes for this months POTM 

 3 pack of cannabis seeds to be announced

Assorted Stickers

Assorted  Cannabis Paraphernalia  

and other goodies from our sponsors 

And of course, when you win POTM, you will be given the Plant of the Month Bling!

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Voting in POTM

The poll for this months POTM will open in February, and run for 14 days. During this time, members of the forum will vote on which is their favourite entry. When the poll times out, the entry with most votes wins, and we reveal who is the winner of the comp! 

If there is a tie, there will be another 7 day poll started for the two tieing entries to determine a winner.

Best of luck Percy Growers. We have some extremely talented growers so let’s send your entries.

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Posted : March 2, 2021 2:55 pm
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