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Bath time

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Pulled the girls out for a hermie hunt there's just been the odd single male flower and a bath.  Got a bit of wind claw I think?

My goal, is to get a constant harvest going.
Genetics are home seeds from a grow of Big bud, Mexican Sativa, durban, and G13xhaze, have totally lost track of which plants came from which Moma.

I compost loads, I'm deep down a composting worm hole, mainly vermicomposting, make seaweed stink buckets.  My medium is 50:50 worm casts and coco.  I've been trying to establish companions, have found rye, the grain rather than lawn grass and whole lentils have made the best start.  Also have pumpkins coming in which came from chucking seeds in the worm bin, they'll probably get nixed soon.  The pumpkins have done well and they're good at breaking up the soil.  I'm interested in companion plants I could grow for food, thinking about peanuts, Legumes and fascinating growth habits, in their favor, grow conditions.  Companions planting is an experiment at the moment, if I run into humidity issues or bud rot, I'll be scrapping that one.

I put chicken shit and bat guano through the worm bin, I water with worm tea and seaweed tea when I have it.  I have a lot of worms in my pots too, I sometimes topdess with broken down seaweed, wormcatings, tea leaves but other than that they're left to do their thing.

Currently I've got a Bokashi bucket going, leaves, seaweed, bracken, kitchen scraps and chicken shit, not sure if it's too full of brown stuff to work time will tell.  Took a short cut and soaked phone directories in yoghurt to get the lactobacilus in there.

Posted : November 16, 2020 3:52 pm
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Phone books in yogurt.... now I have read almost everything at Percy’s. So much work, your efforts are admirable.

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place

Posted : November 17, 2020 2:26 am
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