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Gaining inches every day

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These first two babies are the MH photos which came as free seeds from GC with a mail order. The larger one is day 59 with recently 7 days of slowly changing over the lights. 3 full days of 12/12. Inside week 9. If the pic shows the main stems were she was topped, you'll notice I've slowly trained them to grow out, instead up directly upwards. Each area were it was slightly bent, is a thicker area of the stems.

IMG 20200116 091007832
IMG 20200116 090939050


This next MH#2 is on day 47, inside week 7. At 18" in hight, gaining around an inch a day. Topped her at the 3rd node and been slowly and slightly training it's main stems out to the side, as well. Which has brought on an amazing growth from the center. Really like the way she's looking. 

IMG 20200116 091041279
IMG 20200116 091023077

These next two are my autoflower Gorilla Glue. 

Both are on day 58, inside week 9. The #1 is 11 days into flower. At 26&1/2 tall and about an inch and + for each day. 

IMG 20200116 091206903
IMG 20200116 091234670
IMG 20200116 091148062

Then GG #2 at 27" gained 3&1/2" the last two days. And considered at 4th day of flower. Not certain what caused the week of flower difference between the two. Possibly stunted in its first month due to humidity problems. 

IMG 20200116 091306530
IMG 20200116 091247538

Sorry about the bluper color lol. Not the easiest to get pics of. 

Topic starter Posted : January 16, 2020 3:36 pm
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Well done whisper , not bad for a tiny free seed?

Posted : January 23, 2020 8:31 am
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Thanks.. gotta love anything free. LOL..

cause growing em doesn't come free 

Topic starter Posted : January 23, 2020 12:26 pm
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