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Inhale....exhale.... just got an ounce in the mail!

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Logged on to one of the old sites I used to use to acquire cheeba before I started growing... Found out I had a $50 credit so I decided to take advantage of some of these deals that they're offering for the Covid BS. I opted for some of the legendary Alaskan Thunderfuck. It smells AWESOME - pungently sweet but with a very overpowering aroma that no words can describe. I've only ever smelled it in a couple other varieties - a Canadian staple called Nuken, as well as a rare one called Blue Sapphire. It's exquisite.

Here's how we order weed in the great white north though, lmao.

Sick dealz
Oh baby
IMG 20200327 135527003
IMG 20200327 1405272


The high is very nice as well - takes a little while to settle in but when it does, hits you right between the eyes. Would be perfect for a night with some friends around a fire or something like that. But I think the legend Van Morrison put it best...

Posted : March 27, 2020 8:46 pm
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nice deal on that for sure. i guess thats with the 50 off tho right? not bad still.


i will usualy order off my two sites i use basicaly just for CBD rich stuff. mix it in more when i start going out of remission lol

Posted : March 27, 2020 9:36 pm
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Looks really good brother πŸ‘enjoyπŸ’¨

Posted : March 29, 2020 12:58 pm
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