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She's Not Going To Finish

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Amnesia Haze. Low effort, just threw a clone into the dirt. But given this is in Northern Vermont, the outdoor season is super short and it is hard to grow a photo. So this girl won't finish because the temperatures are going well below freezing this week and I won't be here to babysit them. Early chop I guess. Here are her pics as well as some of the scenery of fall in New England. And my puppy!

PXL 20221006 164504687.MP
PXL 20221006 161752889.MP
PXL 20221006 161309320.MP
PXL 20221006 161845318.MP
PXL 20221006 161816986.MP

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Posted : October 6, 2022 6:08 pm
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@matommy What a beautiful view mate!! Lovely lake and forest in the background, nice ganja plant in the foreground. With the dog too, epic. She looks ready enough man, and not much of a trim job either ay πŸ˜‰

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Posted : October 6, 2022 6:56 pm
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Beautiful!! and your plant looks nice too! lol she'll probably be just fine after a nice cure. Well done, go pet that silly dog now! 🀣 lol

Posted : October 6, 2022 8:31 pm
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She looks well along to me. I live a bit south of you in Connecticut,Β  and I look for strains that finish quick for outdoors, like top44, or strains that were bred as "fast" which cut down on flowering time. I just chopped mine too, and I have a week or 2 until first frost

Posted : October 7, 2022 2:04 pm
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