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So one of these came in the mail the other day. I've used it two days now to try it out. I like it but still trying to interpret the information it's giving. Does ph, nutrients, light, and soil moisture level (really what im hoping to use it for). Someone said they used something like this,  so I'm wondering how accurate they are,  if anyone has used one and their thoughts.  I don't know if this is a question but it was meant to be...

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I use one and it takes a bit to figure it out, I mainly use it for moisture. Now I wait for the meter to read halfway on my scale before I water, it can take a week for a pot to dry out and I probably would have water again by then. Use the meter and lift the pot at the same time, then you'll know when the pot is light and dry and see what the meter is reading. 

The PH you can check the runoff with another PH meter or test kit against what the soil meter is reading, they seem to be fairly accurate but hard to read and define an exact reading.

Good luck.


😀 when i got my first kit bundle 2nd hand the guy who sold me it, looked like willy nelson 😀 and one of these was in the bundle, i never used it thought 😀 it was a really dated version, im not sure how accurate they are tho 


There great for soil moisture.... the rest I would not know..  clean it regular too.... 

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I’ve got a very basic one that only measures ph. It works OK but I haven’t used it in years

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Im gonna go with the above comments about soil moisture. I had one that I used as a last check before watering, and It helped me calibrate my fingerbanging the soil method and likely saved me from overwatering a few times.


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I don’t really use it but I got this at the thrift shop a few years back for $4 it was new in a unopened box. The PH meter is off 1.5 points and moisture reader is surprisingly accurate, The light reader works but I am a outdoors grower and I can tell when the suns up most of the .. Overall   For the price I am pleased with the product but not sure about longevity if you use it on a everyday basis. 

Sirgrowsalot Sirgrowsalot Topic starter April 1, 2023 5:19 am

@philmebowls  thanks! I switched from 1 gallon pots to 2 and 3 gallon pots, thought I was over watering but my PH was fucked....10$ well spent either way. 

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