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Question Best advice for adjust my light


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I’m running a MarsHydro 2000 in a 60” tent and can’t raise it anymore.  After 2 weeks of thinking my problems are pH or excess nutes, I’m now thinking it might have been light stress all along.  

Would it be better to go from a 20/4 to a 18/6 cycle or drop the output from 100% to 90/85%?

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If you are dealing with light burn leave the time the same but dim the light. The intensity is usually the issue.

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Hey Buddy i use Mars TSW 2000 i just got shorter hangers or get some chain and adjust it to get a bit more height. you can also remove the drivers from  the top of the light which will help with heat being so close to the roof of the tent also . Not sure what your growing if its auto's either of those light schedules are fine but best probably sticking to the schedule your running don't mix it up to much 😜



Theres an app you can download for most phones called Lux bro. Download it and check how much light the plants are getting at the canopy!

As a guideline your looking for around 

5000-7000 for seedlings

15000-50000 for vegetative growth

45000-65000 for flowering plants.


Good luck 🙏

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Thanks @monkeydo and @schroomy for the reply! I reduced the light output to 75% and will rework my tent after this grow which should be able to lift my light up another 5"

Worrying about tomorrow will allow today to slip by unnoticed

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