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Questions Choosing Pot size and type for soil

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Pots and soil

Whether it's empty buckets of emulsion and tile cement, or fabric, or full of holes, traditional plastic or even ceramic pots...

What influences the choice? Different sizes for photos and autos?

I invite the gurus to impart the knowlege we are thirsty for ! Bongin  

BubbleHok BubbleHok June 30, 2021 6:21 am

I run 5 gal fabric pots for my indoor runs, I use coco indoors and use my own organic compost mix for outdoor. I use the fabric with coco because I like the roots to get as much oxygen as they need since I feed heavy and often. Outdoors is a different story, currently I use a 6ftx6ft garden bed that i plant straight into, I amend the first 2 feet of that down into the ground with my compost and dry amendments and let cook from a few weeks after I harvest up until I sow the new seeds, usually about 3-4 months depending on our weather here, ( my compost is mainly home vegetable scraps etc that i add to a compost bin and let do its thing with worms etc perpetually) I am by no means an outdoor guru and there are guys on here that absolutely slay outdoor grows, but i find i prefer straight to ground for outdoor. Hope that helps lol 

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Anything that can hold soil will work as a pot man, just needs drainage holes, but some pots are better than others. 

Most prefer standard plastic pots, especially for soils. But for coco, some prefer fabric pots, others prefer "Air Pots". The more air you can get to the root zone the better, so fabric pots or air pots are best IMO> Fabric for Soil, Airports for coco Smile

As for sizes, start in a 1l for seedlings stage, 3-5l for the veg stage and 12-18l for the flowering stage. 

If living soil, bigger pots are preferred, i role with 25l fabric pots. 

But really, anything will do Smile

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I'm a soil grower mainly. I have just over 1sqm of growing space. I use fabric pots and air pots. If I want a massive plant then I'll use my 25l fabric pot, if I'm more interested in a higher number of plants then I'll use the smaller 12l air pots and get a little SoG going on.

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