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Questions Do Evaporative Air Coolers Work?

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I just saw that in my local Screwfix they sell evaporative coolers as a cheaper alternative to portable air conditioners.


They are pretty reasonable at around £70 and it only draws 65watts so much better than an air conditioner.


I did some searching and there are more expensive models that hold more water and have space for cool packs etc to.


Looks like they do also increase humidity which I guess might not be too bad if it’s on hotter days as usually the humidity drops a bit lower then.


Has anyone used one of these before? Just curious if it’s a waste of money for trying to cool a loft grow in the summer.

Improper_Weed_Viking Improper_Weed_Viking May 16, 2023 8:55 am

@yoshi be very careful, those things pump mondo amounts of humidity out and need really good ventilation. They are only used by ppl in really arid dry conditions e.g 40°c with no more than 10%rh. If you live somewhere that rarely gets higher than 30°c and an rh that sits above 30% these are no good for the grow room as the only thing that'll love those conditions are powdery mildew and bud rot. Hope this helps

Yoshi Yoshi Topic starter May 16, 2023 12:37 pm

Ah ok thanks for that info. 

My humidity never drops below 30 but I assumed that it wouldn’t add more than like 15% rh or something. Sounds more like it’s just a big humidifier if that’s the case then.

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Depending on the cooler you go with the biggest tip i can give you is to make sure the tanks are clean I use a touch of eucalyptus oil in the tanks between refills to keep things from going nasty. Also as Viking mentioned, expect a big spike in humidity and never put the things in the tent, they are breeding grounds for mold spores. 

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