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Question Do I need to buy special lights for growing cannabis?


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Can you grow cannabis plants using normal household light bulbs or do you need to buy a special grow light?

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6 Answers

To get a decent yield, and have healthy plants it is good to have a proper light made for growing plants. 

You need at least 50w of light per square foot, that will keep the plants happy. 

There are lots of cheap LED lights you can buy on amazon, but those should be avoided. It is best to buy a cheap LED from Mars Hydro or a company like that to start with and upgrade as you go.


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As Monkey mentions, a long long time ago when there was no specific cannabis lighting and LED wasn't even in the dictionary...people used fluorescent tubes with good results, very cheap to source, very cheap to run and didn't require a lot of electrical knowlegde to connect up.

I use fluorescent tubes in a T5 fitting & a 125w CFL (compact fluorescent light) for my seedlings and I have no doubt that loads of them would do an ok job in flower...however, to get a decent yield, you need a decent light 🙂


I also 2nd this good light option. The CFL bulbs are good to help veg and do a fantastic job. I am actually looking into the CFL options for a clone set up but.....I would for sure suggest looking at a nice LED from spider farmer or mars hydro or something. You can get a decent light for about 150 to 250 area and that will give you what you need for some very nice home grown weed. 

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Well some time back a lotta folks used street lights not a safe idea by any means.

I have grown on window sills & it’s really isn’t worth it.

I have vegged & flowered under clf.

veg is slower so you will need to add that to the equation.

clf will work & I have seen photos ages ago were folks got good with them but never getting the yeild a better light would. 

back in the day some growers would scoff at a clf & probably so now however there were some folks doing a lot better with them than you’d think.

indoor lights like indecent won’t do much bar keep it alive however would probably grows a inch in 6 mths.

the truth is no & yes there are some lights that you can veg under & maybe come flowering & get a 1/4 of a oz from a plant you took ages to grow.   but if you really want to grow cannabis you need some sort of grow light even if that’s a clf.

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You can use normal bulbs especially those from Neon Technoligy are good for vegging or clones they can easily reach the 30.000 LUX easily what is good for vegging.

But to do that in the flower might be a problem as you want to reach 40.000-60.000 Lux. For comparison the Mars TS1000 reaches 48.000 LUX maximum.

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Some household bulbs can grow cannabis and some are completely unsuitable. Incandescent light bulbs produce far more heat than usable light and should be avoided. Fluorescent lights including CFL bulbs can grow and even bloom cannabis to some degree, it’s what most that I knew were using in the 1980’s. Some off the shelf LED bulbs are also acceptable if you choose the correct temperature bulb. All this said, you can grow cannabis with off the shelf light bulbs but because of their relatively low intensity, the quality and quantity of the harvest will suffer greatly. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have no other choice.

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