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Questions Do You Use a Swamp (Evaporative) Cooler in you tent?


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A few Questions for the Swamp Cooler Enthusiasts:

   •  Anyone here running a Swamp (Evaporative) Cooler in their tent?

   •  Is there enough evaporation from the unit to take the place of a humidifier?

   •  How much does it really help lower temps?

   •  Are the ice packs needed for "real" temp (ºF/C) lowering?

   •  Or is the evaporative effect of water enough?


Here's the one I am putting in the tent tonight:


I'm going to leave one of the 2 humidifiers I am using now out of the tent tonight. I'll set the 2nd one to work until 45% (VPD goal is 75ºF - with 58 - 50% RH - see VPD graphic), that way there is no catastrophic bottom for the relative humidity. The garage is around 40% so there's no doomsday possibility for the VPD.


I'm also going to turn off my 6-inch cold-air intake that cools the tent from the climate controlled garage mini-split AC. Worse case, the lights cause the tent to go to 86ºF, which won't hurt the plants for one night.


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2 Answers

The only growers that I have heard running these are commercial growers and theirs are much larger. I’ve heard that those growers dislike them a little because they require periodic clean out to stop the growth of bacteria. They raise the humidity nicely tho and that’s the primary function those growers use them for. 

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I have a 60lt evap cooler which is essentially a swamp cooler. I use it primarily in summer if I need to drag the heat down, one thing I will say is that they work best in a dry environment, if the surrounding air is already humid they are less effective. But I find it does lower the overall temp by a good 5°c and will raise humidity by around 15-20%. As monkey mentioned though depending on the water you use cleaning between fills may be required, and is strongly recommended. The way they are setup provides a perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria and then blows that bacteria into the grow space. I only use it as a last resort and even then I am also running the purifier option at the same time. 

Do not run one inside the tent, always have it outside the tent and use either an intake fan or passive vents on the tent.the chance it creates a problem is significantly higher if the unit is in with the plants. 

The ice packs will help cool but realistically its more of a pita than they are worth imo. 

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