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How's it going people got a question for all ma growmies,has any one ever used a 50w fecida led  grow light,IV been given one it's real little probs 30×30cm's and curious to if it's any good,haven't used it or set it up yet still trying to find it online IV never seen one before,let me know if it's any good if you used one before thanks people 

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Macky Macky October 5, 2022 4:31 pm

@firetop95 I have never heard of them mate, but 50w isnt going to be enough for big plants regardless... might be ok for cuttings and seedlings though

monkeydo monkeydo October 5, 2022 5:16 pm

@firetop95 I’ve got several of those COB leds (50 and 75 watt ones) but mine are a different brand. I’ve only used them once for seedlings. Worked OK but produced a lot of heat for the light it gave off imo. They will grow weed and might be enough for a micro grow if done right but weren’t big enough for me. They now live on the shelf of unused kit.

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I used a Fecida 65w CR600 for my 1st grow,,,and yeah it was great for 1 plant in veg,,,but not enough for flower which I swapped to a BP4000 from wk3 flower,,,,but for 1 plant in veg can do an ok job,,,,if you look at my diary you will see the results of what it was capable of,,,,hope this helps


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Thanks for getting back to me @monkeydo @macky I know it wouldn't do the job for a full grow but thought just as a extra boost in the room mabey good,I'm not going to bother with it I'll keep it as is until I can afford a better one, she looks so lonely lol Fist Bump Thumbs Up  

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WoodI2 WoodI2 October 14, 2022 9:57 pm

@firetop95, ah she's not lonely, she's got you!! Smile

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Hi @spab thanks for getting back to me I'm not going to bother with the fecida I have it's a little flat thing like the pic monkeydo put up,yours looks like a good little light compared to the one I got I'll defo have a little look at your diary see how it all went, this time round the fecida can stay away Thumbs Up  

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