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Question good options for fans


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so what do every one do for there fan needs. there so many options idk what to get.  looking for oscillating clip on fan anyone know any good brands.          

NO USB. there fucking useless.... try for a 10/12" oscillating stand upright if you have the space.

Your fan looks similar to mine, here's what I did. Scroll about half way down page and have a look, works great and you get your floor space back 😎

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I gone through loads of them 🤣 have a 4x4 and a 3x3 and they both run the same , Ram eco 12" floor fan its the dogs bollox 3 speeds there is a diffuser that you rotate clockwise or anti , no lights all old school , that sorts below canopy .Above emulated ZN 18"oscillating wall fan ordered a ram , got a ORA but both are doing a fine job no squeaks or clanks and there getting on now 6 months at least 👍  

Sucking ⛽

You wouldn't fing belive this I take it back ora are also shite !!

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There are some good options on Amazon, I use an 8" oscillating fan. It's designed to be desk mounted by I screwed it to the wall. I'd avoid anything usb powered as they won't have much power and they need to run 24 hour a day and usb will fuck out within the first week. 

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Another question really. Are there any rich growers out there who have splashed out on a super duper expensive Dyson fan?

Man I hear ya @Teleman. I've seen the fans and their price tags. I've heard people say how they want one. But my $19 box fan, or my $18 TURBO fan, or my $5 usb fans work ok for me. Guess I'm a cheap date? 🤣  I like the feeling of my cash in my pocket. Take it easy bro. Wink  

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looks like is stuck with this fan. i want the floor space back any ideas

Tie wrap it to a pole 👍

I'd screw it to a piece of plywood and then use cable ties to hang the plywood from a tent pole


What was everyone's thoughts on the SecretJardin oscillating pole mounted fans? I've had 1 so far which had a metal bracket associated with the oscillating function had snapped. This left my tent screeching like a spoiled child until I got home from work in the morning 🤦‍♂️🤯


Id love to get another one as it was great while it worked however if its going to break every 3 months its just not worth the £30!

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