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Hello to whoever finds this, I’m new to growing and am looking to start growing in my closet, because I’m trying to be more on the discreet side. My closet is wide just shallow. I’ve taken the measurements and the grow tent I found that would fit inside my closet is the Vivosun s326 36”x20”x63”. I’ve been reading and watching YouTube videos, but I’m just struggling because typically grow tents are not this size. The grow tent is 6sqft. For a grow tent of that size  would  a 300w be good for the plant from sprout to flower? I plan on growing like 1 to 2 plants at a time. I’ve seen lights by hlg, spider farmer, mars hydro and Vivosun, but I haven’t bought one because I want to make sure I’m not going to buy one too big to where it negatively affects the plants, but I also don’t want to get one that isn’t appropriate for the flower cycle. the price of the light I’d like to keep it around $250 to $280. Yes I’m aware you get what you pay for, but I’m just starting out and want to slowly get my toes wet. Thank you in advance! I’m also aware it is hard to be on discreet side of growing because of the smell that’s why I’m buying a tent and that will have a fan and carbon filter. Yes I’m aware it isn’t going to perfectly remove the smell, but I’m okay with that since it won’t be as bad.

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Welcome to Percy’s @lettucesmoke420

It just so happens that I grow in that size tent and I even have one of that exact Vivosun tent you mentioned. I started out with bad choices for lights so I know you are trying to avoid this. The first lights that worked well for me were 2 Mars hydro SP150 lights (135w each for 268 watts total) and I ran those for a few years. I then went to a spider farmer SF2000 (200 watts total) and had good success with that. One day I opened the tent to a “hot electrical smell” in the Spider Farmer tent. Apparently the dimmer on that light isn’t intended to be used all the time and it couldn’t handle it. To be safe that one is out now and I’m running HLG 350R Diablo lights now (320w fully dimmable and made to be dimmed as long as you want). I’ve yet to be able to run these at full power but they make some rock solid frosty buds and lots of em too. I’d say the 350R is probably overkill for that tent but I would recommend you consider the HLG300 if you can find one. They fit your tent very well. The HLG 350 and 320 are 35 inches wide so a much tighter fit on those. I understand your budget and HLG is more expensive than some others but they offer refurbished lights and we have a 10% discount for Percy’s members. If I would have bought my HLG originally there wouldn’t be a bunch of unused lights sitting on my shelf now. Just be very careful to check the light dimensions on everything you consider because many lights made for a 2x4 tent won’t fit in your tent.

Im sure you’ll have some other recommendations but those are the ones that have done best for me


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