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Questions [Completed] Grow tent cleaning.

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How does one go about cleaning your grow tent? What do you use? Should I use diluted bleach or is isopropyl alcohol ok?

Being a mushroom grower, I am used to cleaning to the point of being sterile, but never cleaned up a grow tent for cannabis before.Β 

I'd be happy for any and all suggestions.

Thank you.Β 


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I usually hoover all the bits up then i either use bleach n water or the flash wipes. Nothing too strong smelling tho i try not to useΒ 

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I'm sure there's a better way but I use soap and water, wash real well and then wipe with clean water, for me it's all in the detail. I have males now and gave them that tent and got another, I'll still wipe it down between grows. I've heard some folks do a thorough jobs with cleaners but I don't see it necessary for my set-up. Maybe next grow I'll change my mind. 🀣  


Just a mild amount of bleach & water, job doneΒ 

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Thank you. I'll just treat the tent like a mushroom grow. I know how to clean a fruiting room.Β 

The smell of homegrown makes my lungs horny!


After the tent is empty I start with the shop vac and get out every spec I can with that. After that I wipe down the tent with a water and white vinegar solution and wipe dry. Ready for the next run!

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I think we do have a grow guides episode covering this.Β 

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Bangswitch2A Bangswitch2A Topic starter December 5, 2022 4:50 pm

@macky I was too lazy to look when I asked the question. Haha. Thanks Macky, I'll check the grow guides.

Macky Macky December 5, 2022 5:51 pm

lol, its all good man, ou just mind fine a lot of info on that episode Smile Asking here is good too : )


I remove everything then hoover , I bought something called silver bullet you get in a spray bottle , I spray this then have a wipe around then leave 15mins and re wipe with clean water dry with towel and ready to go againΒ 



Gorilla Grow Tent company recommends 50/50, h202 & h2o (hydrogen peroxide and water), spray down the inside and let dry.Β 

since I have their tents, that’s what I do, figured they would be on the hook if the Mylar or something gets fucked up.Β 

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