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Growing on a budget


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Hi all,

Im going to do some research and have a look into growing on a budget,IV never had a lot of money and find it hard to save as living is on a budget ATM lol,I'm going to look into efficient equipment and ways to grow as cost effective as possible all pros and cons,IV only ever grown 2 plants the outsider been the most recent,both times iv had no set up or limited equipment,IV allowed nature to do her thing but unfortunately my timings been of by miles,I'm buying everything fresh,fresh set of seeds new fans tent filters and medium,I'm a beginner amongst pros,so I'm doing it for the broke ass newbies hahaha,I'm setting myself a challenge both as a new grower and finding out what works and what doesn't,

My plan is to use LEDs for lighting a 1.5 by 1.5 tent and some autos as there fast a cheap I'll stick with soil for now as it's all I know and accessible to most and I'm going to try and stick to organic grow no nutes All about keeping cost down as much as,

Wish me luck people 

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good-luck. Thumbs Up  

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Good luck bro, this is how many growers start, but youll progress as you go and have a top notch setup before you know it Smile

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
― Mark Twain


If the soil you buy is from a garden centre & stored outside it can have bugs in it & you get the odd mushroom spore it’s usable I did for years  just check it’s not full  of gnats & obviously don’t freak if a mushroom pops up just pull it and carry on. Good luck 

laugh or cry

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I use sohum soil witch is expensive so I'm going to see if I could either make or buy I cheeper alternative witch will feed all the way threw to harvest,

I'm trying for as bog standard as possible,I understand that cannabis plants have needs and requirements that other plants in the UK don't so I'm trying to create an environment where I can water daily or every other day know my plants been fed by its medium and not running any risk of noise,smell or sight 

It's all an experiment that many have done before me so I'm going to do some research before actually buying anything and hopefully be able to build an easy DIY set up for as cheap as,not all equipment will be able to be kept down in prices I,e lights but I'll find the best for price if possible 

There's so much on growing cannabis out there that I got lost in awe when first starting out,people are like scientist when it comes to growing and all grow in there own way nothing specific for specific locations,so I'm taking everything into account as I do this,

Percy's is the cheat book Bible to all things growing just need to fine tune a ghetto version hahaha 

Keep it popping all 

For soil have a look at Temple Growers soil recipe. its fairly inexpensive to make and allows you to pretty much just water to the end.


Firetop, get a bucket of Lifecycle & your Sohum will last you another 2 grows at least 😉

LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

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I'll look into it thanks for the tip mate never thought about it   Fist Bump  

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I'll defo look in to tg recipe, going to try a few things so any ideas I'll give a try Thumbs Up  

LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

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