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Question Harsh hits


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Usually after my first hit (with a pipe) the second and definitely the third are very harsh.   Am I tying to light and smoke herb that is already burnt? 

If I pack a regular size bowl 3/4 full, how many hits should I get from it?

It can't be that, almost painful, on those last hits.  What am I doing wrong?

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Is your pipe clean? I use a lot of different types of pipes and a dirty one is hard to hit and the lower in the bowl it gets the harsher it gets. Clean it as spotless as possible and change the screen… the tar under the screen is your problem I’d bet. When it heats up it can release harsh vapors so the more you smoke and the lower the bowl gets the harsher it is. If you can’t clean it, replace it

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I used to get harsh hits all the time, I was lazy and didn't clean the screen or bowl hardly at all! 

But as Monkey says, if the bowl/ screen is tarry and dirty all that crap is going to burn as well as your bud, making a harsh hit quite likely. 

I now clean my bong, new water and replace the screen once a week and my hits are smooth, tasty and super cool🌬️❄️

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sometimes its the temperature of what your smoking is hotter so will feel more harsh,  hence why people used water pipes etc to cool it down.  

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