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[Solved] HELP ☹😮😟


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Woke up to half my fucking lights  on my flower light the Mars Hydro. Any ideas or is she fucked 

Fuck!!!! They flash a little bit when I jiggle the light. Is there something I could replace on it? Really don't have money for a new fucking light atm ugh

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This happened to ZN think he replaced the Driver pal 

Mine went bang mate and it was the driver, got in touch with em they replaced it. But now ZN has give you an alternative driver id get one of them. I’ve never felt safe with mine since. 

4 Answers

Sounds like a loose connection, driver may be fixable, to use for the short term ??

I never grow a plant, it grows me.


For anyone else with this issue, XLG-150-H-AB is a direct replacement for the shitty drivers in the MARS TS 2000

Yea like he said 🤣 😆 👍 

Thank you ZN 👌


What a cunt. no clue. fuck.  slap someone. Fist Bump  

Fight The Draconian Cannabis law's..... Fear is Control..... Set yourself free.......Grow your own.


Ah, flashing, didnt notice that as I answered from a PM, lol

Yeah, as Stootie says, its maybe fixable...does it flash if you wiggle the connector into the light from the driver ? or just the light

Its flickers slightly on it own when jts plugged in. Nothing extra happens when I jiggle it. 

I have it I unplugged  for now 

LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

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