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Questions [Completed] How do you make Rso safely

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So when it comes to cannabis I like to try and learn about and attempt everything weather it's different growing techniques or making concentrates learning to make edibles and everything in-between one thing I haven't tried is rso I understand the process but I'm not sure on what solvent to use the Rick Simpson guide says to use isopropyl alcohol however alot of other articles I've read strongly advise you not to use this and to use everclear which is just high % alcohol but is abit on the pricey side in the uk and alot of people recommend Ethanol however all the ethanol online is denatured meaning poisonous additives are added to stop you drinking it     is it safe to use ethanol or isopropyl does the heating process burn of the additives and make it safe to use or is it best to use everclear or is there a cheaper alternative 

Macky Macky January 12, 2022 11:51 pm

To make RSO, you use Isopropyl mate, 100% though, make sure there is no additives. 

Using everclear, or a grain alcohol is making FECO, Which is pretty much the same thing, just a different extraction chemical used. Both are safe to use, but its the evaporation stage that is risky. 

Do it out side, with a rice cooker, no naked flames. The alcohol will evaporate over time, good ventilation is key to keeping safe with this one. 

Mr_bud Mr_bud Topic starter January 13, 2022 7:28 am

Thanks mate all that's available anywhere is the 99.9% stuff is this one of them situations where they can't say 100% on the packaging for legal reasons kind of like when dettol says it kills 99.9% of bacteria

Mix Mix January 13, 2022 8:13 am

Don’t forget if you use iso it pools at floor level.


dr.jitter.bug dr.jitter.bug January 13, 2022 2:28 pm

A safer alternative to heating of any kind is passive evaporation. If you aren't pressed for time, you can allow the alcohol (whatever kind you are using) evaporate at room temperature in a well ventilated room. You can speed this up a bit by running a fan on the other side of the room (not too close, vapors + motor = fire) and or running your aircon (if you have one). I pour my solution into a shallow tray (a baking sheet) to increase the surface area and cover it with a tea towel to keep dust out.

Of course, you will lose most or all of the terps, but that is going to happen with heating as well.

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Thank you everyone for your answers and tips they've all been very helpful didn't think about the coffee machine heating plates cheers dB what would you all say would be a worth while amount of starting material to go with mainly larf and popcorn buds is what I want to be using cheers guys 


Another little tip, if you don't have a slow cooker.. The heat plate on your filter coffee machine is perfect 



When making it do you have to worry about the smell or does it just smell like iso?

pick it,pack it fire it up, hits from the Gong


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