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Question How much light is too much?


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Hey Everyone!


Got a question on some lights. I had ordered a mars hydro tsw2000 for my 120x120 and was set up to use it but then a friend was selling his set up so i bought his lights too.


So now i've also got 1x mars hydro tsw2000 AND 2 x LUMA 800 LED Grow Lights (Input 200w)

My question is, can i put all three in the 120 x 120 or is that just total overkill? Would mean it was pulling 700w real power which seems like a alot...I got the mars hydro as i hear it recommended so much on the podcast so keen to use that but just not sure if i can add one or both of the others.


Any suggestions on best use of the lights would be great : )




I would use the Mars for veg, according to specs this model will work for your size of tent but for flower the Mars will only do 3.5x3.5 feet (107x107), so when flowering starts add at least one of the Lumas. 

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Posted by: @noxxy

What sort of distance is good for the mars hydro do you reckon>

Atleast 18 inches mate. You will be able to tell if it is too close as the leaves will go pale because of light bleaching. The leaves at the top will go pale, but the leaves further down will be nice and healthy. 

If its too far away the plants will stretch. SO i start at 18 inches and see what the plants want from there. Adjust as needed Smile

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I moved to a planet that has two suns. so i cant say shit. Thumbs Up  


A plant can get too much light, but these lights together wot be too much i dont think. Just make sure they are no too close to the plants otherwise the lights might bleach the leaves. But you should be ok using all of them I think.

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I don't think you'd have enough room to get all 3 of them in there mate. 

Thats a good point lol 

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@Macky What sort of distance is good for the mars hydro do you reckon>?


I've been growing under a little 100w so trying to transition them might be a challenge. Would u start with them all on low or just one and crank it till it hit the top then add the next?


@Gehenna they do fit, i did a test run : )

My apologies 😅 do the 4seasons ones have a dimmer? Because if they do you can just adjust the accordingly 

Good to see a fellow nz growmie😝

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yer, what rufio said lol. cheers mate, right from the horses mouth there

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Thanks lads thats bang on! Appreciate the help : )


@Gehenna what are the chances! Great to know im not alone : )



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