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Questions [Completed] How/when you get my Mars 2000 light to 100%

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Good Morning!

I’ve got all 3 ladies sprouted and about an inch tall with my light running around 25%. What’s the recommended timeline for getting my light up to full strength? 

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Run mine factory mate , and move the plant closer to the light age dependent , Great light Grows Great bud 😎  

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I run a TSW2000 and my plants get 2 weeks (usually 2 sets of actual leaves after the cotyledons) under a T5 before 100% on the TSW...then a week later get topped Smile


I use mine at 100% all the time mate. Cant be poking screwdriver into Chinese devices regardless of how much you trust the brand, asking for trouble 😉 lmao 

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I watch the space between the nodes to let me know what the plant is wanting, If the node spacing is far apart i will increase power or lower the light. If the spacing is to close and compact i will lower power or raise the lights.

The light manufactures usually have what they recommend and would be a good starting point, then you can fine tune it by watching the plant.

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