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[Solved] Is it enough room


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Guys ive got a 1.2m by 1.2 by 2m tent ( i think lol ) im wondering shall i just do the 3 plants next round. As i usually do 2 but now im getting used to it im thinking do 3. The guides say 4 is ok but im worried about mold n not enough circulation n light. So what fo u think do i push n do 4 or just do 3 to be safe 

3 Answers

If you have enough light to cover the whole area 4 plants is the perfect fit. You should expect to have between 300-550 watts of LEDs or equivalent to cover the entire area effectively.

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My light is a viparspectra p1000 is that ok

@shirley-boi No, that light can only effectively flower a 60cm x 60cm space. It would take 4 of those.

I dnt think 4 lights would fit in there lol. Il just stick to 2 then lol

If your tent is in fact a 1.2 x 1.2 you should have no problem fitting 4 of those lights in there. Each light only measures 30.5cm x 28cm so a 2x2 grid of 4 lights is ideal.


I do 4 in a 1.2m most of the time, training is the way to keep them where you want them

Oh yeah I forgot about that as these are not autos so i wont mind doing more of all that stuff this time

🤣 oh dyw dyw I have a spare elastic scrogg that will never get use , so you can have it Fist Bump made for that size 


You can lollipop, de-leaf and train plant to get good airflow, 4 is more symmetrical and will fill the area faster.

Some seeds companies advise to pack in 9 or even more in a 1m by 1m space 👍

Thanks man i forgot about training n stuff 🙈🙈🙈

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