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Questions Is it save to feed plants water, treated with Chlorine Remover?

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I’ve just picked up this while in town and was wondering if anyone has ever used anything similar, it seems to be used for pond water mainly so was thinking if it’s good enough for fish, my plants shouldn’t be affected? I’ll throw it out to the Hive Mind of Percy growers tho 😄

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Macky Macky August 1, 2022 11:09 am

I personally wouldn't use this, I would rather let the water stand for 24 hours. It may contain heavy metals that you do not want in your plants. You can use stuff from eco thrive that removes the chlorine a litte and is safe for plants, you can use that if you  need something, but I wouldn't go directly for that stuff, it doesn't look like it has been designed for plants. 

Gelert Gelert Topic starter August 1, 2022 11:59 am

Thanks mate 👍 didn’t even read the back of the bottle tbf 😄was only a fiver mind ha 

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So I was looking at that stuff on the internet and found a disclaimer/warning. This warning says it all imo……


  • For use in ornamental ponds only.”

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Gelert Gelert Topic starter August 1, 2022 2:20 pm

😬 Thanks @monkeydo, should of guessed as much really 😆 £3.99 well spent lol 


Yeah as @macky said you can use the neutralise from ecothrive. I've used it for ages. It's essentially just a high concentration of vitamin C. Hits the chlorine and chloramine. Could make your own with vitamin C powder if you can be bothered to work out the dilution rate. One bag would last a lifetime. I'm too lazy so a fiver for a bottle of neutralise works just fine for me. Only needs one drop per L of water. 


Just want to make sure people know that chloramine will not off-gas by letting the water stand for 24 hours, but chlorine will. Chloramine needs to be broken down chemically. Be sure to check your local water source to find out if they treat with chlorine or chloramine.

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Plarf Plarf November 16, 2022 2:26 am

@im_sparky chloramine can be broken down over time but it takes much much longer, weeks instead of days. Best to use a water filtration with catalytic carbon to remove chloramine if you have it in your tap. 

we have chlorine in our water so I just use an air stone and time to de chlorinate before using especially if I’m making teas or any KNF products. 

Here is the chloramine time chart as you can see for just 10g it’s an incredible amount of time to air it out.


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im_sparky im_sparky November 16, 2022 12:06 pm

@Plarf yes -- the chart shows it is impractical to just let it stand to remove chloramine, unless you have a large reservoir and A LOT of time. i use Prime, an aquarium product that removes both chlorine and chloramine within seconds at 2 drops per gallon.

Plarf Plarf November 16, 2022 9:35 pm

@im_sparky love prime, best part about that product is it won’t effect your ph.


 I got tired of filling many buckets to remove chlorine so I bought a line to hose filter thats made for gardening & RV use . I tested the run for chlorine and it removes most of it and the little traces of it barely registers and it also lowers the PH by four points. I believe its also good for fish tanks and so on.  They have quiet a few on the web so options are not scarce.

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