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Is there enough space for the plants?


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IMG 20210614 205110

This is my first ever grow I think they look OK! 

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Lollipopping involves removing all fan leaves and buds below a certain point that you decide is right. This is generally somewhere like 1/3 to 1/2 if the lower canopy. The low buds won’t ever become beautiful hard buds but will stay loose and airy. Removing this unproductive area with little light allows the plant to focus more energy on the higher quality top buds. Some growers like to remove all the fan leaves but I believe it will lower the yield significantly so keep as much of the upper canopy as you can so the plant has the resources to create big beautiful buds.

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As long as the air is flowing and the plants dont get yellow leafs cause of missing air or light you are good.

Plants are like children - always surprising you.

Thanks I am glad i found this site I am making mistakes at every stage, I now understand just how much I don't know. But I am enjoying learning, I do struggle navigating and using things like social media and this site but slowly picking it up thanks again 


Not ideal but nothing dangerous I’d say. I can’t tell from the photo but I’d you haven’t lollipopped the bottoms yet, doing that will help air flow.

Random acts of kindness make the world a better place

Hi thanks for the info when u say lollipop how much do I take off and do I do it in 1 go? if u could put a picture up I would be grateful

IMG 20210614 205032
IMG 20210614 204952
IMG 20210614 204948

 Thanks for the info I have learnt a lot from everyone, basically I had done everything wrong so thanks again to everyone 

Is the mission statement for help people to achieve their own grows successfully 🙂



you should take all minor buds that dont have 5mm those are just taking energy cause they dont have own light

you can say 1/3-2/3 is to take away thats why its called lollypopping you just leave the lolly

You can do it one go but I prefer to do it some here some there - I believe its less stress that way

Plants are like children - always surprising you.

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