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Hi Folks I'm sure this question has been asked before on here.  Is there any problem with vegging under a LED then switching to HPS for flower or Veg under MH then LED for flower.  I've been told at my local grow shop that there would be a problem and the plant world grow funky.  I ask this question because I'm looking at changing out my DE. But still want to use them.  Can I have say HPS on one side and a LED on the other in a 4x8 for flowering. Oh why I'm at it.  Which LEDs would you recommend for replacing a 600w DE 4x4 area.  I've seen a few reviews on mygro. I'm in Australia I can get a lumtek or High Par brand.  The unmol per second is pretty good for each.  Anyhow thanks in advance oh and sorry there's a few questions in there. Oh my DE bulbs are apprentally rated at 1135 PPFD from BLV (HPS) Digital 

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I’ve read, and I believe Shane @ mygro mentioned it also, but Lumatek and Photontek are the same company, Photontek being the brand name in the US/Canada. Both brand names have be reviewed very well by Shane. I have the Photontek 600Pro. and purchased the driver extension cord so I could mount the driver outside of the tent (I’d recommend it, unless you need a heat source in your tent). Mine is a six bar light and just fits in a 4x4 with about an inch to spare around the outside. My girls are in flower now with the light running on 75% power (and about 24” above canopy). More than enough power to spare.

I’m real happy with mine so far, price wise, seems on par with similarly spec’ed lights.

I have a mygro aray2 also (picked up for micro grows). I haven’t used it yet, but sure it will perform as advertised.

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