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[Solved] new 315 MH lights


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Anyone had any experience with these newer age 315 MH lights? Need to sort out a decent veg room

4 Answers

Absolutely perfect for veg, healthy plants. Good for flowering too (warm spec for flower, cooler spec for veg)

In flower they only cover a 3x2 area (3m under wingspan of reflector, 2m top of reflector to bottom)

As ZN said good for cooler grow areas, fine if your only using for veg, but I found that to get coverage even across the canopy you need multiple lights. I had 6 x 315cmh in flower over 2.4x1.2m area but temps can get a bit warm and the penetration into canopy is not deep but not bad.

Top quality light especially for veg👍

I never grow a plant, it grows me.

cheers for that info mate. I have always gone vertical bulbs for veg to train for trees. I am out of the loop in the newer tech and not sure how they go vertical. I have a few old faithful MH ballasts put away but I like this newer tech for the spectrum and efficiency

It's simple to go vertical with leds simpler than hps or mh, no face burns lol

Cheers for the reply Huskie. I have been looking at the LEDs and getting technical overload in my old brain. I used to go vert with multiple 600 HID. 360* light around the fixture. Is there a prism style led that shines 360 in a vertical?

Yes but they are shit, imagine a cylinder shape with loads of led chips around it, you see them on ebay or Amazon but only chinese brands no reputable led company makes them.

I think with leds the main focus is getting atleast 800 ppfd at canopy level which most mid to top range leds offer HLG or Lumatek etc, plus the penetration power into the canopy.

Alongside this supplemental side led bars or boards are used, your effectively boxing your sq meter canopy, which should have a height of around 18- 36inchs, with light. Thrres side bar lighting from I think lumatek or maxibright that have leds on both sides of the bar so that you can put it inbetween two canopies.

Hope all goes well, led is the way cmh are decent in winter 👍

Cheers mate, might read up a bit more on Cobs for directed and angled lights on the tops of the trees

Plan is to grow vertically in veg and flower and set some free outdoors. I really need to keep plant numbers down


Yer 315 CMH/ CMD's a re quality mate, they grow lovely plants! I forgot i have one of those lol. Yer, plants love it

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I have a dual 630w...awesome light when temps allow me to use it LoL  

yeah mate, I need to look at the double fixtures, I like them. 

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Thanks Fellas

LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

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