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[Solved] Par meter


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Hey guys have anyone heard or used the par meters for a smart phone yet??? If so any good or what. Im gonna download one now n give it a go tomorrow n see wat it comes up with 

Do you mean the apps on the store that you download and use the light sensor on the camera on your the phone

Yea thats it 

3 Answers

I use Photone app - absolutely fantastic and it can go toe to toe with a quantum sensor for much cheaper.. migro did an awesome comparison test if you want to have a gander.

They have an apple version as well as an Android version (although I'm unsure if the later has been released more widely as I have the beta version)

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I used "PPFD Meter" on my Galaxy phone, works pretty good actually and reads close to my new hand-held actual meter.

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Thanks guys much appreciated 

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