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Questions [Completed] Ph meters

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I’ve brought 3 ph meters so far one was ok for a bit the others rubbish. 

Is there a brand name you guys know of that calibrates and reads properly 

seems like these £12 ones I got are a hit & miss. Do I need to be spending £30-50 to get a decent one ? 

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I've used quite a few different ones. Hanna, Milwaukee and the cheap ones on the net. The best I've seen is Bluelab. On sale, $75 US, usually closer to $100. I like them a lot. They are out of New Zealand. Very dependable but certainly not cheap.




Yea a good one is advised , blue lab , plant it theirs a few , had loads of those yellow ones 🤣 While your at it get some calibration fluid , its not expensive but a must have , calibrate every week 😉 plants like consistency Fist Bump  

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Whichever one you decide on, do not leave the cap off. If the ph probe dries out, it's ruined. Not sure why, but I lost one that way.


essential ones are really good tbf 

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I keep 2 Apera ph20 pens going in my grow so I can cross check the values. If the readings are off by more than 0.1, I recalibrate and go again. These pens run from 50-70usd depending where you buy from. So far 2.5 years later no problems with these but I was replacing the dirt cheap ones twice a year before I got these. I did have one of the pens jump into diagnostic mode once when I pressed some buttons wrong and so I called customer service. A real human that knew the product well answered the call and it was fixed in seconds. Hadn’t seen a live support rep in a while so I was impressed with that too.  

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Mix Mix Topic starter January 3, 2022 10:13 am

I’ve seen them when I was looking cheers bud 


Blulab for me all the time. I've had a few cheap pens off Amazon in the past and have always ended up having to bin them. The Blulab just goes and goes, important to remember to keep it clean and calibrate once a month. 

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Mix Mix Topic starter January 10, 2022 10:28 am

I ended up getting a blue lab one 👍

Macky Macky January 10, 2022 12:48 pm

they are highly recommended mate, you cant go wrong with a blue lab Smile

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 Cheers guys 

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I’ve been using the sachets in the photo & yeah two yellow ones I tried lol & one red screwdriver calibration type < the latter the worst.

I saw the blu lab ones thought they might be better  as you said not cheep thou. 


  Don't buy a cheap one, you'll just throw it away. Don't buy an expensive one because well they're too expensive. I would buy a middle of the road,(price wise) and a name brand. Milwaukee, Blulab, Hanna, Aerea, Essential are the many players. Once you get one, it's a whole new world and learning curve. That's why you buy middle of the road price range. You need to learn on something, and figure out what you do need. This is a good starting point. You can expect to pay about $100 +/-. If you buy it in a kit, it will contain the calibration solution that you will need. That's very important and another learning curve, how to calibrate. Look around and you can post your findings before you purchase to see what people think.  God luck man, it's not the easiest thing but it will work out. I didn't have anyone to ask when I first bought mine, your lucky!! 👍              peace


I talked my wife into cleaning  and calibrating my blue lab pens. Lol. It's the only thing she does with the grow. Other than smoke it. 😉 She's good at that! 🤫

I did not say that! Liar! 🤣


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I use Blulab and love it. Like every one else says keep them clean and calibrated. I assume all other brands are the same in that you must always store the glass bulb in the PH probe KCI liquid. If you have a local grow store that you deal with, ask if they will hook you up with a discount if you buy the whole line. I saved a bunch and the PH and EC pens are so nice and easy too use. Cleaning and calibration is very easy and fast. Once a month they recommended too leave the tip in the KCI for 24h minimum. Then once you have them and take care of them, they are worth every penny.

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hey. hey! I'm new here but I've been using the Bluelab pen after testing several out about 3 years ago. you will want to store any probe you find in a potassium chloride solution or it will frequently lose calibration and if you let the probe dry out it'll just be worthless in no time.

Macky Macky January 10, 2022 4:45 pm

Welcome to percys man Smile

StonedAllDayInNEOK January 10, 2022 5:30 pm

hey thanks! I got hip to the show (iTunes podcast) a couple weeks ago and love the banter. figured I come say hi and see what's going on.


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