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Plant height for scrog


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A little setup info first:

2' x 4' grow tent.

2 hydro plants

Scrog holes are about 3" x 3"


The plants are bushy as hell and 12" tall. Are they too short to go into the scrog now? I was planning on flipping in a week. Should I flip now and fill out the scrog as they stretch? The one on the left has nearly filled it's 2' x 2' area already.

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20210725 172323
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I don't know for photo's, I just do auto's. But I think your suppose to have like 70% filled then flip. But don't quote me on that. 12"/30 sounds about right for Indica. sativa are a little higher, imo. I did flatten mine to get the side branches to start producing more growth tips. I just kept flattening till I broke her and then I stopped. oops. As those tips came up I just wove and tucked under the screen to keep spreading and flattening. She did split but I think it was because I used a metal screen and a lot of silica. But maybe someone that knows photo's will add something.  They look happy and healthy. I so glad the PH is under control and the waterfall is working. I'll be right behind you as soon as I finish up a few loose ends.   peace 👍 

Posted by: @woodi2

But I think your suppose to have like 70% filled then flip.

That sounds about right

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Is it the same for indicas and sativa's? This strain is 80% sativa and is gonna stretch like hell. I can also adjust the height of the scrog little by little if needed. We'll see what they do in a week I guess.

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