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Rust spot on tent p...
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[Completed] Rust spot on tent pole

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Hey I found several rust spots caused by a humidifier error.  It didn’t trigger off via its sensor.  The whole tent was fogged up. I’ll attach pictures but it should be alright. My carbon filter also got rusted but that’s getting replaced. can anyone tell me if this rust spots on these poles require me to get a new tent. I’m not sure about how that rust being inside the ten could create an issue with either flower or veg.  It is in my smallest tent so it is mainly an autoflower/what will be a pollination tent.

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4 Answers

I did the same thing, switched off my extract and the tent was soaking wet full of moisture, no effect on plants, just rusty poles which are 100% worse than yours, still cause no issues...rust is different to any other rot...It ONLY attacks steel 😉

Just give it a wipe down with some household cleaner or wire wool & some rust stop if it really bothers you...the majority is just staining of the plastic coating, the rust will be inside the poles as they are not treated/covered like the outsides


Could have happened during lights off. RH raises at night. Watch your extraction and dehumidification during lights out. Good luck man.


if it gets worst and starts to bother you i would hit it with sand paper then spray paint.

Posted by: @zn

which are 100% worse than yours

Mine must be 2-300% worse lol. It happens man, as long as it doesn't get on the plants and get real corrosive it'll be fine Smile Still got a couple years left in that bar yet 😉 

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LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

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