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Question Should i use bleach to clean my tent?


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I like to try to keep my tent clean through out the grow, Will the fumes harm my plants to clean with a bleach water solution or should i just use vinegar?

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4 Answers

I used watered down bleach when I had a tent never had a problem. 
unless you use it heavily concentrated then you might. 

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Bleach is ok as long as diluted...I use 3% diluted with water, recommendation is 1% for general cleaning but I figure tent is a higher category than general

I mainly use milton fluid (usually for sterilizing baby bottles)...again diluted to about 2% as I love the smell

Dont water your plants with either though 😉 


Milton is amazing, if it safe enough for babies.....

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Well, we'll just see about that...😁

Posted by: @woolieback

bleach kills mold dead dead dead

Nope...just bleaches it...spores are still there 😉


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