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Questions Small Cheap Heater for a 90x60


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Hey guys just a quick one,


I need to get a small heater for a 90x60cm (60cm height) tent Im setting up as a small veg area to allow me to take cuts or sex some regs. The seeds are germinating now so I just want to get something later today from the shops rather than order online. 


I cant spend a lot on this as this whole veg tent has to be kept low budget as I blew all my money on the main tent. 


So my options are either a mini oil filled rad from Screwfix or a 40/60w tube heater from Toolstation both about £20. I know the oil rad will work but it also draws a lot of power and I was thinking its overkill for such a small space so Im hoping everyone does recommend these tube heaters for small veg spaces 🤣 


Anyone have experience with these tube heaters in smaller spaces?

Where are you growing @Yoshi? Inside house or an Attic/Garage job? The ambient temp around the tent will play a big part in your decision. 

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I use two of those tube heaters in a 8.0 ×8.0×1.6 and they kick out enough heat for that so I'd say one of those would be fine in my opinion hope this helps your decision also maybe with the oil filled rad you could control the temp on it 💚


I use a tube heater in my 60x60x140 and it works fine. 


Lol I meant 0.8 x0.8 lol 😆 

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Haha yeah I was thinking thats some heat to put out. What size/wattage tubes are you guys running?

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60 Watts lol I know my space ain't that big yet lol 😂 


I got a 3ft tube heater 120 watts I think for my space which is 1.5x1.2m & 2m in height, it wasn’t enough for me, I’m growing in a insulated grow room in a non insulated garage, I ended up getting a mini oil rad to compensate for the dark period. 

in saying that, if you are running a 18/6 schedule then you will probably get by with just the tubular heater if you set your lights to be on the off cycle on what is typically the warmest part of the day, ie 10am-4pm. 

hope this helps brother👍🏻


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Thanks guys.

Just in case it helps anyone else I went and got a 40w tube heater from toolstation but I am growing in a loft space. The loft is well insulated but at the moment I can’t get the temp above 21c in the tent with the heater, and I’m currently still feeding warm air from the main tent into it so I’d imagine that would drop down again if I stopped doing that.

I’ve decided to get a 120w tube heater online hoping that triple the wattage should be enough to get me to where I need to be. 

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