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Questions Using a higher power light in smaller than suggested tent


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Hi ya all.

So I got a new light, it is a lumatek atis 300w.

It is recommended for =1m X 1m tent and my tent is a 90cm x 90cm .

Here is the par map for 1m X 1m

Screenshot 20211019 172002

 So my question is would you dim the light to 80% or hang it at a higher hight or hang it at recommended  hight for 1mx 1m . I know you can get meters to work this out but the budget is no existent for new toys.

Thanks for reading and any advice.


pick it,pack it fire it up, hits from the Gong

3 Answers

I’d imagine you’ll be fine man, I’ve only briefly looked myself but there are free apps you can get that are pretty good as a guide for PAR etc, Shane from Migro has a great YouTube tutorial 👍🏻

The plants in the middle will still be in the middle getting the strongest light, worst I can see is that the edges get slightly better cover than if it was in a 1mx1m

Yer, as long as it’s not too close to the plants you’ll be fine. My guess is 40cm would be good for flowering in a 2x2 by the looks of that chart. Bigger light means more heat so considering that in your decision.


Hey up mate I got the ats300 pro in a 1mx1m tent, you'll be fine tent is only 10cm smaller, currently got mine at 75% coming in to 3rd week of flower about @13" off canopy, I'll probably turn if up to 100% end of week,

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I've used a light way to powerful for the tent it was in and i found turning it down helped with the heat, i ran mine it at about 40% (it was a 25OW LED in a 60x60) and then i had it as far as i could away to start with and moved closer every few days till i was about 15cm away and it seemed sweet.

You're tent isnt far away from the right size it recommends though, i wouldnt worry too much, just keep an eye on it and on the heat : )


Hope that helps mate

Thanks everyone

LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

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