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Questions [Completed] What size extraction fan do i need for my grow tent?

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There are several different size extractions fans, How do i determine what size i would need for my grow tent?

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Extraction is a complicated one, it needs maths LoL  

Calculate volume of your tent/room HxWxD in mm so for a 1.2x1.2x2.0 (4ftx4ftx6'6") this would be 1200x1200x2000...

This gives you 2.88m3 which is your volume...then multiply this by 60 to give hourly rate of 173m3...any bends or carbon filter resist flow so figure needs to be muliplied by 1.3 for every bend or filter...1 bend, 1 filter (depending on size and throuput) = 293m3

Extractor fans are rated at m3 per hour so you would need one that meets or exceeds this figure. Personally I like to get at least 50% more so I have some speed control over the this case, minimum needed is 300m3 but I, personally, would go 450m3 

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