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Lowegrow RE: White widow auto help  

By Lowegrow, 8 mins ago

New Members
  @templegrower I am going to have to cut it this week just based off how long it’s been going from germination until now. Do I give it a good water before I get ready to cut it? I follow a guy called m...
Hudsonrulez RE: What are your favourite books about cannabis?  

By Hudsonrulez, 21 mins ago

General Discussions
  My top 3 books are High by Brian O'dea Mr. Nice by Howard Marks, and the Marijuana Smokers Guide by Matt Mernaugh
Hudsonrulez RE: What are your favourite books about cannabis?  

By Hudsonrulez, 24 mins ago

General Discussions
  @templegrower I noticed you had the kitchen in your collection very nice. I know JJ we've been booth buddies at an expo and we keep in touch every now and then. Uptown Grow Labs is based out of Washin...
Cannapleleaf RE: Intro and first real grow about to start advice  

By Cannapleleaf, 44 mins ago

Introduce Yourself
  @templegrowerjust finished putting a little 100 watt led in the far corner and will be checking regularly, here's a couple shots, in week 4 with the mk ultra from outside. Any tips I'm all ears! Thank...
monkeydo RE: Help with planning next run  

By monkeydo, 2 hours ago

Growers Q & A
  From repotting to flip you should allow at least a week, two weeks if the temps are cool because temps influence root growth.
galandil RE: Help with planning next run  

By galandil, 4 hours ago

Growers Q & A
  @monkeydo thanks for the reminder. I know I should prepare to adapt according to the plants. They are living beings and each is unique Still, what would you say it's the shortest time you would give ...
RedEyeJedi RE: Premier League Football  

By RedEyeJedi, 7 hours ago

Sports and Gaming
  @eastwoodzbangin Yeah werent too bad for your reserve team was it. Shows good squad depth though and to compete at the top level, you need that. Agree with you 100% on Lingard. I genuinely used to thi...
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February 22, 2020