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Shonuff RE: Heyyy 🙂  

By Shonuff, 2 hours ago

Introduce Yourself
  @gonzo333 congrats on your first grow and welcome! We are here to help if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
Schroomy RE: Heyyy 🙂  

By Schroomy, 3 hours ago

Introduce Yourself
  @gonzo333 Welcome to Percy's good luck with the grow man
Stootie RE: Win a 600 R Spec from HLG!  

By Stootie, 3 hours ago

  @gonzo333 You need to have left 50 posts or more on the forum before you can enter the comp im afraid but there's still time, I think it's the 31st it closes so if you get spamming you'll make it yet....
Stootie RE: Yoyo  

By Stootie, 4 hours ago

General Discussions
  @firetop95 It sounds like moving away from that area would be a very good idea, your never going to have happy dreams if your living in a nightmare the whole time, which is what that sounds like to me...
Stootie RE: Heyyy 🙂  

By Stootie, 4 hours ago

Introduce Yourself
  @gonzo333 Welcome to Percys bud, good to have you here 🙂
Firetop95 RE: Heyyy 🙂  

By Firetop95, 6 hours ago

Introduce Yourself
  Looks like a awsome setup you got going there bud sorry to hear about the diagnosis,wicked to have another gromie join the Percy fam Keep it poppin
Zictex RE: Heyyy 🙂  

By Zictex, 6 hours ago

Introduce Yourself
  Hey @Gonzo333 welcome to percys growmie! Your setup sounds like a great launch pad for growing some awesome healing herb, best of luck with everything.
monkeydo RE: Heyyy 🙂  

By monkeydo, 6 hours ago

Introduce Yourself
  @gonzo333 welcome to Percy’s mate. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. We can definitely get you started growing your own medicine. So far your setup sounds on point. You can always start up a diary an...
Firetop95 Yoyo  

By Firetop95, 7 hours ago

General Discussions
  How's it going people hope everyones doing good and everyone's jungles are thriving,I haven't been able to get on as much as I used to my mental and anxiety has been frew the roof last couple months,I...
CocoCoir Answer to: What Time of the day does everyone water/Feed?  

By CocoCoir, 7 hours ago

Cannabis Growing Question
  I try to water when the lights turn on. Doesn't always work out that way.
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