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480W Fusion Board quantum board

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So I've just picked this up from a local Canadian seller - Paid $615 CAD after all was said and done.

Spec wise, it's quite similar to the HLG 550 and ISH 530 with a slightly different chipset - same Samsung LM301h but with Epistar IR/UV. 3500K. My god is she bright though. Blinded myself for about a half hour when I first turned it on.

I was quite skeptical that it would cover my 4x4 as the light is only 26"x20" but man was I wrong. Like I have a little star in there now. Nice little dimmer switch to attached as well (no screws to mess with). All you need to do is plug the red wire in the red wago clip and the black wire in the black wago clip and screw the driver to the aluminum board. Super easy.

Heat-wise, the area where the driver is attached to the aluminum board got up to 60C as well as the area right over where each board was sitting. I moved my 6" clip fan to blow directly across, and the temp has now dropped to about 45C. Nice.

I don't have a PAR meter or anything to test the light but, I do have a lux meter to get some kind of relative measurement, at least compared to my old Mars and my HID. I haven't done that comparison yet but will update when I do. What I can say for sure so far that is that it is really really bright. 😎 

Obviously can't comment on yield or terp quality or anything yet (that's next grow) but, so far so good. Really good. Got 4 new ratchet hangers too. 👍 

Happy grower here.

QB in box
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To of QB in tent with fans
Posted : July 2, 2020 11:15 pm
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@templegrower nice looks like its gonna be a beast

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Posted : July 2, 2020 11:56 pm
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@alij68 I did say you would get used to the unusual language but lm301, deep reds, epistar, and meanwell drivers may require a different dictionary 🤣 If you stay around long enough it actually becomes second nature or you. 

BTW I’m really looking forward to seeing this light at work TG. Seems to have everything you would want in a light.

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Posted : July 4, 2020 10:48 pm
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