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Anyone used Professors, Go Green???

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I was using Advanced Nutrients cal mag but I've almost ran out.Β  I bought so Professors:Go Green today but I'm starting to reconsider my purchase.Β 

Has anyone used it before and what is your take on it?Β 

I did hear today that canna is releasing a calmag in about 6 weeks time that's low in Nitrogen.Β  Probably won't be in Australia for months though πŸ˜”.Β 

I also heard something about VPD

Vapour-pressure deficit. It is very interesting as I think im growing at optimal environment at the moment as my plants are only getting 1.5-2L of water/feed everyday. I have a little salt build up because I'm getting a runoff EC reading of 3.2-2.6 when I have given more feed/water to get enough runoff to test with the EC metre but the plants are flourishing.  Maybe the professor's will help me a little more??🀞
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Posted : June 6, 2020 7:47 am
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I use this one.Β 

There was something about VPD in chat somewhere with GMO I think, he said not to worry too much.Β 

I suppose it all depends on how the Humidity and Temperature fluctuates. A sudden drop or raise in humidity is what brings the nasties like powdery mildew apparently so i've heard. Maybe Macky or someone can varify?

Look up negative and positive air pressure as that also includes the VPD chart so maybe a good understanding of this may help?

I wouldn't know about the cal mag. I would always seek a natural or organic alternative 1st. But that's me lol

Happy Growing Yoda.Β 

Posted : June 6, 2020 7:58 am
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Maybe this one would be easier read?

Posted : June 6, 2020 8:00 am
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I think the whole VPD thing just over complicates things for no reason. If the temps and humidity are right in the grow room, for the right stage of growth, then you're at the right VPD anyway. Keeps temps and humidity at the right level with good extraction and some decent fans and you'll be sweet Smile

As for the Dr green, never used it mate, but these food are all essentially the same thing, you just have to check whats it, which should be on the side of the bottle. Check with the other food to see if it clashes with one of them, to make sure you dont give too much of one thing, and not enough of the restΒ 

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Posted : June 6, 2020 10:00 am
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