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Invisible Sun Reviews!

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Our friends over at Invisible Sun need some more reviews Smile

If you have had any experience with them, could you do us a favour and leave a review? These reviews can make a big difference to a companies google rankings. And it is not common, for people to have good customer service, to leave reviews. On the other hand, it is very common for people who have had a bad experience to leave reviews. So its good to remind people to leave a review if you have had a good experience with IS. 

Here is their google page:

On their facebook page:

It's a hard world out there on the internet, and we need to support these guys who support us. If you can leave a review, I, and IS would really appreciate it.

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Posted : November 22, 2019 10:38 am
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Posted by: @nanook

Well, I shall start off with a picture heavy honest post!
I have used invisible sun lights for loads of grows. I have hit my best ever gpw with invisible sun LEDs.
I have had the 60w ones, the 240w ones and the pro 265 iirc. I have ran them on their own, mixed with HPS and mixed with plasma. They never fail to deliver.
I found under these LED's the plant was also ready 1-2 weeks sooner than under HPS and was far denser.
Now, its not all good news unfortunately - I had a few issues. Mainly with the design. I wasnt so keen on the having to make them as a simple out of the box solution - this seems to be a lot better now with the newer models tho. I should also say, any questions I had were swiftly answered and Rich bent over backwards to help me.
I will say what configuration the lights are in in the pictures so you can see for yourselves. Pictures dont lie 😉
I am using CDM at the minute, however going back to invisible next grow - hopefully in a week or two. This will be with the new 5 bar R lights! I expect good results!


240w board

IMG 20180713 WA0036

240w powered

IMG 20180713 190642

60w panels

IMG 20180802 125107

Frame I made holding them using 2 photo backdrop tripods and a piece of box section iron.

IMG 20180822 140306

Blue cheese - Barnys - under 750w invis panels only

IMG 20181017 191856
IMG 20181017 191920
IMG 20181017 191908

Amnesia auto under Gavita plasma and invis light in a 2l cola bottle home made dwc

IMG 20190211 133843

Exodus luton cheese under invis witrh an hps in the middle

IMG 20190201 190423

I still remember this beast of a grow Nooky. Showed that these lights are everything they claim to be and more. The team behind these lights are spot on and a pleasure to work work with.

Posted : November 22, 2019 1:52 pm
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