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New Growers First Grow guidance needed please. Questions about coco/Feeding and Nutrients.

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Hello Percy Growers!ย 

I desperately require some guidance from the skills of the talented members here! All help is much appreciated ๐ŸŒฟ

I'm new to growing so far have only planted outdoors and using cheap soils and cheap everything and doing little research on anything really lol pretty much winging my way through! I have been medicating myself with cannabis for ptsd/ depression/insomnia/pain for 13 years now. I love my weed and I always will. My grandmother even grows now she makes oils for my autistic brother who was on 5 different medications including some heavy psych drug rubbish but thanks to cannabis oils that is now all he takes! And he has some sense of normal in his life for the first time.

I can't wait to be high on my own supply! I live in Australia where it still isn't legal so it's always been a big risk for me to take but I have acquired the space and time and I'm so excited.

Also I have a friend in Victoria who is now on medical marijuana by script which is amazing and he is going to help me apply! So slowly things are obviously changing for the better in Australia!ย 

I now have the setup for an indoor grow ready to go but I'm taking my time to research how I'm going to go about it this before I put any seeds into germ. I'm being probably too fussy about everything for someone who is a beginner lol but that's another story..back on track!

I really want to try coco for my first proper indoor grow and I really need help with how to do this! I am doing another project lady outside which will be in a pot of an unconfirmed size and I am wondering can I use coco as a medium on an outdoor lady??

Can someone give me a guide I can use for a beginner on amending the coco for my grow? I have no idea what nutrients I will be needing to buy or how often to feed them and how much to feed them etc. I was going to purchase things from my local hydro store probably, and I know they will probably give me plenty of advice too but any and all advice is much appreciated!

Thanks crew stay high!ย 

Happy growing ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๐ŸŒฟย 

Posted : April 12, 2021 1:13 am
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