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Sick Plant LST turned into HST 🙁

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Hey Percy family hope everyone is safe and well!

I started doing abit of LST on my AUTOS(I think I started to late it was towards the end of week 4), my plant was extremely bushy and had very little spacing between the nodes so I found it quite difficult to follow any LST guides that I  found online!

I snapped 2 stems as everything under the plant seemed to be tangled, at the moment with how bushy the plant is, the bottom fan leaves seem to not be able to support themselves well as other leaves are pushing them down, the plant does seem to be bouncing back well and I'm wondering if there is anything you guys recommend at this stage?

The root systems seems quite healthy as both of the big plants have roots starting to come out the side of the fabric pot which is a 5 gallon pot.

I don't think I will do anymore LST as its getting pretty close to flower and will be starting lst on my small plant in there in afew days to avoid this issue 

Temp is between 21-25c (same with night cycle)
RH is between 45-55

Im feeding at about 1.4-1.6 with 


Veg A+B




at 5.8

20210829 221236
20210829 200155
20210830 223931
20210830 223953
20210830 223939

First 2 photos are directly after the stressful LST the other 4 are photos 1 day later 

Thank you Smile

Topic starter Posted : August 31, 2021 2:29 am
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@gehenna have a look at some tomato cages , yes there big but I use a small cheap version , basically a metal ring that sits in the pot , brilliant anchor points , soft grip garden wire makes this job so very easy,  I use them when necessary, £8 for 2 sets Fist Bump  

Sucking ⛽

Posted : August 31, 2021 5:53 am
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Sorry haven't been thanks for the advice mate the big ones have bounced back really well but the small one that was already stunted has started drooping even more,

When plants start drooping due to stress is it best to help support them?

I'll look at some cages tonight 

Topic starter Posted : September 1, 2021 2:47 am
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