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Organization! Make notes!

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So the first thing any experienced grower will tell you is to make NOTES! Especially if you use your product LOL.

I thought I was the exception to the rule... I was wrong.

I have made too many stoney mistakes (not remembering when I fed them last, or how much, how old they are, when should I flush, when should I start the next run, etc).


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Still not as detailed as I'd like (but working on it).  At a cost of less than $15 CND I would highly recommend visiting your local dollar store and putting pen to paper (or marker to white board)!

Topic starter Posted : January 30, 2020 6:54 pm
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That's really nice man - definitely something that should be taken more care to do, especially if you're doing your own breeding/getting beans from other growers. Once beans are mixed, pretty tough to separate them again, haha. Good idea with the binder too - I use the same thing for my Pokemon cards. Still have that holographic Charizard.... haahha. I also usually write in a semi-daily diary (physical pen and paper) documenting the grow as it... grows.

I use auto-sampler vials to store seeds, but they serve the same purpose. I can get about 50 seeds in each one. Airtight AF. Very useful.

Filled out calendar
Bean vials
Strawberry Cough
IMG 20200130 1343336

And yes, that IS a first edition Rapidash. ? 

Life's a garden...dig it - Joe Dirt
Supersoil recipe (by me!) -->

Posted : January 30, 2020 7:59 pm
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My buddy Peter would be shaking in his boots, he has binders full of pokemon cards (holos, 1st editions, ect) plus a closet full of POP Funko.


But Ya once I started getting so many seeds (some for friends and opened commercial packs) I knew I had to organize them and plan when/where I will pop them.

Keeping track of lineage is key and I like to add who I got them from or breeder just in case I need info

Topic starter Posted : January 30, 2020 8:26 pm
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