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Questions LST & Autos — When to start LST ?

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How soon is too soon to start training ?

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Posted : February 23, 2022 10:22 pm
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@sevans1965 Hey mate, I would at least have these in their final homes before beginning to train them, you want to limit their stress in this first 4 weeks of growth with autos, personally i will plant autos directly into the medium i am running, usually coco or living soil and i will always plant them into their forever home, i do this for a few reasons, the biggest being by reducing the transplant stress i am able to start training and bending earlier and in turn expose more of the lower branches allowing them to grow up and out while i continue to train them, i usually start training on autos around end of week 2 but this may be too early for some, i want too see healthy growth and at the very least 3 nodes after the first true set, and i always support the base of the stem before i start bending, a plant in vigorous veg can pull and twist its way out of the medium if your not careful at such a young age. 

I would let that one grow out the new set of leaves that are forming at the top and once they have opened up and you can see more growth tips developing then gently start your lst. Have a look at my "4strain multi grow" diary, i go through my technique and when i start bending and my methods, everyone is different and only do what your comfortable with, but for me personally i would get her into her forever home and give her a little longer to develop that next node and then begin the LST Smile hope that helps, any questions just ask Smile  

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Posted : February 23, 2022 10:58 pm
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I done two auto's in one pot to see what would happen.. I think I lst'd to early maybe. Also they was in the flower room early.  One seems OK with it the other looks like a bonsai.  

Good luck. 

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Posted : February 24, 2022 6:42 am
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