3 Simple Rules to Growing Cannabis, Without Getting Caught

3 Simple Rules to Growing Cannabis, Without Getting Caught

November 18, 2018 5 By percysgrowroom

I know as a new grower, there is a lot for you to learn, and of course, if you live in a country where cannabis is illegal, there is a lot of risk. Growing cannabis without getting caught, is not impossible, you just have to follow a few rules.

I have known many cannabis growers in the past, from all over the world. All growing in their own different ways, with different kinds of setups, and different strains.

They have all been able to provide themselves with their own personal supply of cannabis, and they have never had any trouble with authorities. they just follow the rules!

You can grow your own personal supply of cannabis, with very little risk involved!

Don’t ever forget, cannabis is a valuable plant! Even if you live in a country where cultivation is legalised, you should still take care to keep the grow concealed! Security is number one priority!

Growing Cannabis, Without Getting Caught

There are just three rules you must follow, if you want to grow cannabis without getting caught!

If you break any of these rules you put yourself, your property, and your freedom at risk!
Here at Percys Grow Room we want to help you grow your own cannabis, but you must do your part to stay safe.

We also do not want to fund the black market. We only support growers who grow for personal use. You do not have to become a criminal, just because you grow cannabis.

1: Don’t Tell!

Do Not Tell!

This rule is number one for a reason! Loose lips sink ships. You should never, ever, tell anyone that you grow your own cannabis!

The only person, who should ever know about your “Percy Grow”, is you (and spouse if you have one).

Do not tell, ANYONE!! You have to stay safe. I know you may have a friend or two who you can trust, but it’s just not worth the risk.

One friend can easily tell another in secrecy, who will then tell another friend in secrecy. Before you know it, the wrong person will find out about your grow.

I can not stress enough, how important rule number one is, you must follow it, with no exceptions!

If you would like to talk about your new hobby, we offer a safe place for you to do so. We have a Cannabis Growers Forum, where you can get help with your grow, share your knowledge, and enjoy growing with like minded people. Sign up

2. Don’t sell

Do Not Sell Cannabis!

This is a site for Percy Growers only. We do not support cannabis sales of any kind! You are here to learn how to grow your own, please do not become part of the problem, by becoming the black market!

One of the major causes of a grower being caught is by becoming a drug dealer! Growing cannabis without being caught is possible, selling drugs is much harder!

For a start, you have customers, and each and everyone one of them can be caught with cannabis, and give your name up!

Also, it’s not just authorities you have to worry about, but also other criminals too.

If you break rule number one, and two, you’re asking for trouble. It is crucial that you follow these rules!

You can grow your own cannabis without getting caught, but even if you do, it’s only ever for personal use. If you’re a drug dealer, then you can not use that as an argument in your favour!

Most growers like you, just want to have a personal supply of cannabis, so they don’t have to go into the black market to get it.

The black market is a dangerous place. To sell cannabis, you become part of it, we are trying to reduce the damage done by the black market, don’t become part of it.

3. Cover the smell.

Some cannabis user do not grow their own cannabis, because they are concerned about the smell.

When a cannabis plant is heavily into flower, the aroma is thick, and pungent. The scent will spread further than you think!

It will make your house smell, and your close by neighbours will notice it.

Some people hate the smell of cannabis, and you need to respect that too. Just like you have the right to grow and smoke a personal amount of cannabis, your neighbours have the right to live without a smell they dislike.

Use a Carbon Filter

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There are many ways you can cover the scent of your cannabis grow.

The most common being a carbon filter, and extractor. The extractor will pull the air out through the carbon filter, which will “Scrub” it before venting it outside.

It’s not just a case of hiding the smell from authorities. It’s also a case of being respectful to those who live around you.

It is always a good idea to be friendly to your neighbours. Be respectful, at all times. Then, even if they do get an idea that you’re growing, they are less inclined to call the authorities.

Find out more about grow room ventilation here:

Be Safe when Growing Cannabis!

Pay for your equipment legally. Pay your electricity bills on time. There is no need to become a criminal, just because you’re a cannabis grower.

Think about how much cannabis you use a week. Your cannabis grow will take around 16 weeks to finish. So, how much you use in a week, multiplied by 16, is what you are aiming for.

For an idea of what size grow tent you will need for this amount of cannabis, see our guide on grow tents:

Only grow the amount of cannabis you need. Follow these rules! Don’t break them, and you will never have any trouble growing your own supply of cannabis.

Don’t get Greedy!

One more thing before we move on, don’t get greedy!! It can be tempting to always grow more plants if you have room for them. But the more plants you have, the more risk you take.

As a grower for personal use you easily grow your own supply with just 8 plants, four in flower, and four in veg. But different grow methods can use more plants, but smaller plants.

Final Notes on Growing Cannabis Without Getting Caught

Thanks for reading! You can find more information on anything related to growing in our cannabis grow guides. All of our guides are written by experienced growers, and members of our cannabis growers forum. If you have any questions, sign up. It is free, and we are always happy to help!

Stay safe out there, and happy growing.