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If you are new to growing cannabis, it can be difficult to know where to start. This guide to growing cannabis in coco, is designed to help new growers, get to a good harvest.

This guide will take you week by week, step by step, through a cannabis grow in coco. With how to feed your cannabis plant, what to expected in the coming weeks, and how to be prepared.

Preparation is everything, if you can plan for what your plant will need, you can avoid issues before they arise.

Following this guide to growing cannabis in coco will help you keep your cannabis plants healthy, and happy. They will grow faster, bigger, and bring a better final product.

It will also be so much more enjoyable for you, the grower. As there will be less mistakes, which means less stress!

Take it step by step, ask question at anytime in our cannabis growers forum. We are here to help you grow your own cannabis. You are part of the growing community, our members are always happy to help.

Percys Guide to Growing Cannabis in Coco

In this guide, we are going to assume you have all of the necessary equipment, such as grow tent, EC and pH meters, lighting, extraction.

If you do not have all of the equipment yet, and would like to know what you need. See our guide how to grow cannabis in coco, and come back here when you have everything, and you’re ready to plant some seeds.

Also you need to have a good, supply of nutrients for the plants. You can get help choosing which nutrients company is best for you by reading out guide :

A Week by Week Guide to Growing Cannabis in Coco

  • Week 0-1: Starting your Grow
  • Week 1: Seedlings and Clones
  • Week 2: The Start of the Vegetative Period
  • Week 3: Vegetation, Topping and Training
  • Week 4: Reaching Maturity, and Preparing for Flower
  • Week 5: Transplanting into Final Pots
  • Week 6: ” The Flip” Changing the Light Cycle
  • Week 7: Regenerative Growth ” The Stretch”
  • Week 8: Preparing for Bud Growth and check the sex.
  • Week 9: True Flower Begins, Changing the Spectrum of Lighting
  • Week 10: “Pom Poms”
  • Week 11: Early Flowering and Bud Development
  • Week 12: Pk Boosters.
  • Week 13: Plants in full bloom
  • Week 14: Trichome development.
  • Week 15: The Last Push
  • Week 16: The First Flush
  • Week 17: The Second Flush
  • Week 18: Harvesting, Trimming, and Drying
  • Week 19: How to Dry Cannabis Properly, for Better Flavour.
  • Week 20: Long Term Storage and Preparing for the Next Grow.